GBP – blended learning

GBP is an effective enterprise-ready, secure, structured, learning management system with indemnified support. It’s licensed proprietary software for which setup and subscription fees are charged and hosting costs will be incurred.

Brand with your logo and use our tagline ‘powered by GBP’. Confirm which language and subscription package and elect to self-host or not. Build your libraries for review anytime on any browser and even on 3G phones.

Grow with our bespoke package which has no limits to the number of live and archived courses and no limits on the number of Users. Coach in virtual classrooms and counsel in private meetings. Promote to guests in private meetings. Integrate with other data sources such as HRM to identify high potential individuals and compliance issues, payment platforms, sales ledger and A/R to manage accounts and sales commissions; Help Desks to enhance support. Create folder and course directories with filters and indexes on the php databases. Analyze data by User and by Course; track activity including notes and discussion and manage courses; issue certificates and badges, define prerequisites, dates, set rating and encourage reviews.

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nulinx • August 13, 2016

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