NX ambassadorial network

NX Is an ambassadorial network which comprises Nu-Linx, its affiliates, and private companies and individuals who promote certain campaigns to their respective networks. There are no fees to join NX and Ambassadors opt-in or opt-out of campaigns depending on their interests and conflicts. Ambassadors and Nu-Linx operate at arm’s length and Ambassadors do not confer any rights except certain rights to earn benefits. Nu-Linx Is a limited liability company registered in Scotland SCO 201568. NX campaigns are projects contracted by and between Nu-Linx and Principals. 

Nu-Linx’s obligations

  • Prequalify Principals and their campaigns
  • Publish synopsis of each campaign on a no-name basis
  • Publish campaign details and updates to opted-in Ambassadors  
  • Pay fees to Ambassadors in full and on time
  • Pay Ambassador’s associates if Ambassador can’t
  • Donate to a charity of Ambassador’s choice

Ambassador’s obligations

  • Respect and uphold other’s rights to privacy
  • Opt-out of campaigns if conflicted
  • Sign Non-Disclosure Agreements if required by Principal

Ambassador’s benefits Will vary by Principal and by campaign and benefits will be either finder fees or sales commissions and in any case the right to benefits will be confirmed in writing by and between Nu-Linx and respective Ambassadors for each campaign.  Selection Nu-Linx requires Ambassadors to select and nominate their prospects for each campaign and if accepted Nu-Linx will confirm an exclusivity period. Exclusivity is conditional upon Nu-Linx receiving monthly updates and rolling forecasts from respective Ambassadors

Ambassador’s role Nominate companies, claim exclusivity, formally introduce those responsible and accountable for direction and delivery and if possible, recommend how to positively affect others who must also be consulted and informed. Some Ambassadors may also opt to lead negotiations and or project supervise or manage. At Principal’s discretion it may be possible for Ambassadors to opt for fees based on lifetime instead of first-year-only payments and for lifetime fees to automatically include nominee’s affiliates.



nulinx • July 12, 2016

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